Brian Cutler Actors Studio Named Best Acting School in 2023 myBurbank’s Best Contest


Brian Cutler Actors Studio (BCAS) was voted as the 2023 Best Acting School in the myBurbank’s Best Contest. At BCAS they concentrate on specialized training geared toward on-camera work in Film, Television and Voice-Over. Collectively, our studio is a living, breathing force, committed to the art of acting. 

They share passion and dedication, both on a performance and a practical level. They also focus on acting as a team sport, and students at all levels work together, just as you would in auditions and on camera professionally. BCAS puts an emphasis on simplicity and that basic instinct is the most effective way to inspire honesty, and to grow the potential of their actor students. We want to see your talents come to life! 

Photo courtesy of BCAS.

Brian Cutler Actors Studio believes in leading by example.  Their Master Teacher, Brian Cutler, has been a professional working actor for over seventy years.  He knows what it’s like to fight for actors rights.  To that end, he was on the picket line with you, his peers, fighting for your rights as performers.  See what it’s like studying with a teacher who has been there.  And continues to show up.

Their goal at BCAS is to help you develop the skills you need to continue being a working actor.  They have a demanding curriculum with all original material that prepares you for auditions or any jobs that you book.  You will be consistently challenged with emotionally complex and significant dialogue. Whether cold reading or doing memorized scripts, this skill prepares you for proper storytelling.  After all…we are storytellers. 

Ongoing study and preparation make their students accountable to themselves and others.  “Your craft will support you when your knees won’t.”  The foundation of the BCAS studio is simple, they believe in the process of doing- “Learning to act for the camera without a camera is like learning to ride a horse without a horse. It simply cannot be done.” 

Photo courtesy of BCAS.

All classes are filmed in extreme close-up, allowing our actors to become comfortable, masterfully controlling their energy and movement which the subtleties of film require. 

You will receive free edited scene footage for all your promotional material:

  • Actors Access, Casting Networks, Casting Frontier
  • Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook
  • Reels, Websites

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