Buddy’s All Stars Stepping Up to the Plate in Need


The “we’re all in this together” motto that has been established around the globe in fighting COVID-19 has lots of special twists all over.

But here in Burbank, it is long time sports uniform manufacturer Buddy’s All Stars that has come out to lend a helping hand in a big way.

Since the Los Angeles Rams are clients of Buddy’s, they discussed what they could do with some extra uniforms that they had.

A sample mask made by Buddy’s All Stars out of a Rams NFL uniform. (Photo courtesy Buddy’s All Stars)

“We have enough to make 11,000 masks with all of their extra products,” said Louis Talamantes, the owner of Buddy’s All Stars. “They allow us to sew their jerseys and their masks, but whatever money we make on it we make masks and donate them to the hospital that they want.”

Buddy’s, which has been in business since 1981,  has already shipped out over 1,000 masks to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Talamantes said COVID-19 has forced him to cut his number of sewers down from more than 40 to just a handful. But he is having people work at different shifts to keep the assembly line moving.

“We have the spacing requirements. That’s the key ingredient to staying healthy,” he said.

Talamantes said his company isn’t just making masks for the Rams, but also for a number of schools, hospitals, organizations and groups around the state and nation.

“We’ll make as many as anybody needs and we’ll help anybody that needs them. We’re here to help,” he said. “This isn’t about trying to make a buck or do a sale. This is about helping people. This is about helping each other out. That’s the most important thing.”

Louis Talamantes demonstrates the masks his company is making. (Photo courtesy Buddy’s All Stars)

Talamantes said he knows that many people are eager to get to having things return to normal.

“People are having a tough time. They have stayed home long enough,” he said. “There’s a limited number of people that like to stay away from everything for so long. If this gives them a little more security and makes them feel better then great. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

If anyone wishes to buy a Rams mask made by Buddy’s All Stars, they can be purchased for $20 + tax and shipping.

For every mask purchased, Buddy’s will make and donate three more.

The styles will vary because of the material and Buddy’s is making no guarantee that you will get an NFL logo or a Nike Swoosh as some customers have requested.

For more information, call is (818) 846-8805.