Bulldogs Win Burbank Cup Golf Title

Burbank defeats Burroughs 11-2 in annual head-to-head competition.

(Photo by Austin Gebhardt)

Burbank High captured the 23rd Burbank Cup boys’ golf matchup Thursday, by defeating Burroughs 11-2 at DeBell Golf Course.
Burbank coach Doug Grimshaw said that the two schools have played around with various formats in recent years to add some more enthusiasm and excitement.

“After Covid, we made it a multiple-day event. It’s an opportunity to try some different formats besides just stroke team play. On Tuesday we played the top six players from each school and they played with a partner from their team and they played alternating shots. After Tuesday’s event, Burbank High had the lead 3-0” Grimshaw said after the competition ended. “Today was match play, so each player was on his own against a player from the other team and they just went hole by hole with a new game. So each matchup was worth one point.”

In Tuesday’s first round, Burbank’s Zach Ducore and Mark Alba combined to shoot 39 to top the Burroughs team of Adriel Abaoag and Tyler Jones, who combined to shoot 46.
The Burbank team of Aidan Clendenin and Ryan Labus shot 37, topping the Burroughs team of Ethan Varela and Ladon Ramos, who shot 41.
Curtis Peters and Eli Diamond shot 47 for the Bulldogs beating the Burroughs team of Elliot Figueroa and Allen Glaim, who shot 63.
On Thursday, Abaoag got Burroughs a point as he was the low medalist, shooting 69. Ducore shot 85.  
Burroughs also got another point from Ramos.

Burbank also got victories from Brenton Lewis, Diamond, Peters, Seiji Frye, Harris McCormick and Keegan Luka.

“It has gone back and forth, so we’re glad to win it this year. We have a lot of young players coming up who are improving,” Grimshaw said. “Hopefully we can build on the success from this year and continue winning next year.”