Burbank, Airport Officials Travel to Washington for FAA Meet


Representatives from the City of Burbank, City of Glendale, and the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority met today in the office of Congressman Adam Schiff (D- CA) in Washington, D.C. to brief senior officials of the Federal Aviation Administration on the conceptual term sheet that the City Council and Airport Commission endorsed last month. The term sheet calls for the construction of a 14-gate replacement terminal at the Bob Hope Airport in exchange for changes in how the Commission takes action in seven important categories.

The Authority is preparing an Environmental Impact Report on the proposed 14-gate replacement terminal which is expected to be released for public comment next spring. All formal agreements and entitlements for the 14-gate replacement terminal must be approved by the voters in Burbank before becoming effective.

Officials from all three cities and the Authority, including Burbank Mayor Bob Frutos and Vice Mayor Jess Talamantes, asked the FAA for a mandatory curfew, something that the City has been seeking for 46 years. Burbank officials specifically asked the FAA if the agency would consider approving a curfew, even though the Airport Authority’s formal application for a curfew was rejected by the FAA in 2009.

“It was an extremely positive meeting and an opportunity for the cities and Airport Authority to explain the importance of FAA support,” said Mayor Bob Frutos. “While FAA officials said that they cannot prejudge any deal, Associate Administrator Eduardo Angeles said that the FAA saw no red flags in the conceptual outline.”

Vice Mayor Jess Talamantes noted that it was the first time that the Authority, the City of Burbank, Congressman Schiff and the FAA have met to work together on airport issues saying, “We appreciate not only the efforts of Congressman Schiff, who arranged this FAA meeting, but also the support of the Airport Authority and the cities of Glendale and Pasadena in this historic meeting.”

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