Burbank Aligns Itself With Modern Times by Updating Discriminatory Ordinance


During the February 15 City Council Meeting,

Burbank Councilmembers unanimously voted to introduce two ordinances repealing Burbank Municipal Code Section 3-3-516 Impersonating Person of the Opposite Sex and amending subsection D and repealing subsection E of Burbank Municipal Code section 3-3-523 Rules and Regulations for Public Dances.

The language in Burbank Municipal Code section 3-3-523, had the following changes:

•    No person shall pay or receive any fee or remuneration to be a dancing partner with a person of the opposite sex. This provision shall not apply to professional paid entertainers when performing as such.

•    No dancing shall be permitted except between persons of the opposite sex.

The purpose of both ordinances is to update both Burbank Municipal Codes so that they are consistent with Federal and State laws, including The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, and no longer arguably discriminate against individuals whose gender identity and gender expressions are not consistent with traditionally established forms of gender identity and expression.

“The entire City Council and I are proud to introduce these ordinances amending and repealing these outdated Burbank Municipal Codes. It’s also the right thing to do,” said Mayor Jess Talamantes. “Burbank values inclusivity and diversity of all backgrounds, and we want to ensure that our policies are reflective of those ideals.”

The new ordinances are scheduled to be adopted March 1, 2022.