Burbank and Burroughs Homecoming Courts Take Center Stage Before the “Big Game”


Burbank and Burroughs High gathered for the “Big Game” at Memorial Field on Friday, October 27, and announced their Royal Courts before the game during pre-game festivities.

Our photographer, Ross A. Benson, was on hand as he has been every year for 50 years to shoot these high school students on their big night.

They no longer announce a King and Queen. It has now been transformed into Homecoming Royalty

From Burbank High, the Homecoming Royalty is:

Olivia Gallagher and Dylan Muriano

From Burroughs High, the Homecoming Royalty are:

Max Meserve and Mauricio Lara

Members of the Burbank High School Royal Court are:

Representing the Burbank Freshman Class are: 

Silva Petrosyan and Avvo Ilangesyan

Representing the Burbank Sophomore Class are:

Aram Hovanessian and Sofi Khudedian

Representing the Burbank Junior Class are:

Robert Snyder and Heesung Lee

Representing the Burbank Senior Class are:

Isabel Song and Sophie Peak

Giselle Lorimer and Bella Severo 

Members of the Burroughs High School Royal Court are:

From Burroughs Senior Class:

Jesiah Licardo, Naomi Orellana, and Camille Chanut

Alex Venezuela and Alyssa Allen

JP Ferrante and Sophie Hyslop

Paris Tesfu and Lucas Brown

Additional Pictures from the night’s festivities.