Burbank and Burroughs Present 2019 Homecoming Courts



It was the 71st BIG GAME on Friday night and both Burbank and Burroughs were primed for both the game and pageantry of the night.

While the bed races, eating contests and band marches are now a thing of the past, the presentation of the Homecoming Courts is still a big event.  Both courts were announced last week at the Homecoming Dances.

Above is (L to R) Queen Milana Antonio and King Heather Bautista (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

Above is (L to R) King Kourosh Dolatshahi and Queen Sarah Koussa. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Here is the Burroughs court (in no order) Seniors Alverne Mara Mara, Alexandria Watson, Carter Wells, Maddie Medina, Madhav Naraynan, Alyssa LeBarron, Kevin Quijano, Uletzy Rocha, King Heather Bautista, and Queen Milana Antonio. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The homecoming court from Burbank (in no order): Representing the Burbank Freshman Class are:   Jagg Richer and Samantha Reyes, representing the Burbank Sophomore Class are Abraham Rivera and Skylar Kirby, representing the Burbank Junior Class are: Owen Cusumano and Grace Hutchin, representing the Burbank Senior Class are Devin Housholder and Jolie Lorimer, representing the Burbank Senior Class are Seth Jones and Allie Romagnin, representing the Burbank Senior Class, this year’s 2019 Homecoming King Kourosh Dolatshahi & Queen Sarah Koussa (Photo By Ross A. Benson) Before the start of the game, Burbank High School Principal, Dr. Thomas Crowther, and ASB President, Sarkis Ter-Petrossyan exchanged presents with John Burroughs High School Principal, Deborah Madrigal, and ASB President, Madeline Medina in the spirit of sportsmanship.


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