Burbank Animal Shelter Needs Dog Fosters


Do you love dogs? If so, the VBAS (Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter) Adult Dog Foster Program may be a right fit for you. With so many dogs arriving at the Burbank Animal Shelter daily the facility is running out of space and needs your help.

The VBAS program helps to place dogs in loving homes that are not doing well with the shelter environment. The shelter supports all essential care costs of fostering including food, enrichment toys, and medical treatment.

Dogs are placed with fosters that match their lifestyle so it’s the perfect fit. Fosters also help to promote adoption of the dogs in the community and are an active part of helping them find their forever home.

You can help save a life by fostering one of Burbank’s dogs. If you can help, or you know someone that might be interested, please reach out to their Dog Foster Coordinator at vbasfosterinfo@gmail.com.


    1. Good luck getting approved. I was going to participate in this program until I looked into applying and was given the “third degree”. Background check, home visit, references, invasive questions, and more. Not worth all the hassle, thanks, but no thanks.

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