Burbank Arts & Education Foundation Announces BUSD Grants to BUSD

Image Courtesy Burbank Arts & Education Foundation

Today, the Burbank Arts & Education Foundation (the Foundation) announced funding of almost $50,000 in its third cycle of grant giving with investments made in social and emotional learning, diversity in book selection for libraries and classrooms, academic intervention, school site safety, art studio and classroom seating solutions, arts supplies and materials, instrumental music, and athletics. Foundation Co-Chairs Ana Connell and Brenda Etterbeek along with Grants and Giving Chair Alexandra Helfrich presented grant funding in the amount of $29,681.22 to Burbank Unified Schools at the Board of Education Meeting on Thursday, May 19, 2022.  The Foundation is delighted to approve BUSD funding of up to $20,000 to provide class sets of ukuleles to the seven elementary schools that currently do not have instrumental music instruction, due to the lack of instruments.

Ana Connell, Brenda Etterbeek, and Alexandra Helfrich said, “We’re inspired by the creativity, excellence, and passion from educators who continue to support our children during the most challenging times. We’re especially proud to be able to partner with the Burbank Unified School district for the purchase of ukuleles, strings, and tuners for the seven elementary schools that currently don’t have the instruments. Beginning in Fall 2022 every elementary school student will have instrumental music instruction district-wide for the first time in decades. We hope this is the beginning of an equity model that we may be able to follow in the future as needs are identified, and funding is available. The Burbank Arts & Education Foundation strongly believes that every child deserves a high-quality public education. One of the key markers of that is elementary instrumental music instruction – for every student. Our mission is to help fill the gaps in education funding and site-based parent fundraising. We’re grateful for the guidance from our BUSD administration advisors in stressing the need to provide equity during our grant review process. And, we’re excited to have the opportunity to partner with BUSD in providing equitable access to elementary instrumental music instruction to all students.  BUSD Superintendent Dr. Matt Hill, said “Partnership with the Burbank Art & Education Foundation helps us to meet district goals and to fulfill classroom and site needs. Please join me in supporting their work by donating to the Foundation.”

Other highlights from the grant awards include elementary arts supplies and materials including a kiln, diverse classroom and library book collections, critical math intervention, school site safety, and mindful and adaptive seating options. Middle schools will benefit from block printing art supplies and materials, safety tools for busy drop-off and pick-up times, and side-wide professional development and curriculum in social and emotional learning. The high schools received funding for art studio seating, instruments and sheet music, and technology support for an athletic program.

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