Burbank Arts Utility Box Beautification Program Calls For Artists

By On August 15, 2019

Since 2015, the City of Burbank and its Cultural Arts Commission has brightened corners of the city with the Utility Box Beautification Program. To that end, the Cultural Arts Commission has put out a call for artists to submit proposals for the upcoming third wave of the utility box program.

Artist proposals are due Friday, September 6, at 5:00 p.m. Information on the program, guidelines for submission and the application can be found online here.

Sponsored by the Burbank Fine Arts Federation, David Vega’s “A World of Possibilities” utility box painting “represents time passing by on Earth and the importance of seeking opportunities and attaining knowledge.” (Image Courtesy City of Burbank)

The theme of phase three of the Utility Box Beautification Program is “A World of Entertainment.” Twelve utility boxes throughout the City have been painted in thwo phases by artists via the program in the past.

“Phase three of this project has us looking for 14 fabulous artists to paint 14 traffic signal boxes in the Media District, which includes Riverside Drive between California and Pass,” explained Burbank Cultural Arts Commission member Suzanne Weerts.

“The color and creativity you’ll soon be seeing more of along the streets will be beautiful and eye-catching for our art and music-loving community!”

Submissions will be reviewed by a selection committee consisting of City of Burbank representatives and members of local arts communities. If selected, artists will receive a stipend of $650, to cover cost of materials and time.

The City also seeks sponsors to cover the costs of the program. Currently, Warner Bros., New York Film Academy, Smokehouse, Cusumano Real Estate Group, BurCal Properties and Burbank Fine Arts Federation all lent their support. More information on becoming a sponsor of the program can be found here.

Two more phases of the Utility Box Beautification Program are planned for the future, after the completion of the third phase, “A World of Entertainment.”