Burbank Author’s Book Now Available As A Kindle Download


The new Ron Irwin novel “One and a Half Pinoy” is now available for download to Kindle digital readers at Amazon.com for the nominal cost of only $2.99. The traditional paperback book is also available at Amazon.

This amazing feel good novel tells the story of Noel Ramos, a young Filipino immigrant to America and his new found friend, the teen actress Aija Hamilton. When Aija hears Noel sing for the first time she immediately begins using her many “Hollywood” connections and soon the young Noel lands a major recording contract. Fame and fortune are just within the grasp of Noel when a deeply evil and hateful neighbor arranges for the deportation of Noel and his mother. Through hard work and an amazing twist of fate the problem is permanently resolved and both Noel and Aija achieve true stardom.

This story was inspired by two real life young stage actors who worked together at the Sierra Madre Playhouse in 2009. The real life boy is Renzo de la Pena a multi award winning young singer originally from the Philippines and Kari Irwin an accomplished teen actress who appeared in three movies in 2010 and who is a native California girl. Efforts are underway to get this story on the big screen.