Burbank Becomes Recent Target in String Of Brick-Smashing Windshield Vandalism


Burbank became the latest target in a string of car windshield smashing that has been sweeping through Los Angeles County.  On Tuesday, April 2nd, three vehicles on the 2200 block of North Brighton were vandalized by suspect Lisa Jones, 30, who is now in L.A. county custody.

Videos had recently surfaced of a woman caught on camera smashing vehicle windshields with a brick. The video shows the woman getting out of her white Volkswagen SUV, holding a brick above her head and violently slamming it down on parked vehicle windshields before collecting her brick and driving away from the damage.

A Tesla in West L.A, a pickup truck in Tarzana, a Hyundai in Woodland Hills and others in Venice, Beverly Hills, and Culver City, were all victims of the woman’s outrage, until this Tuesday when three vehicles in Burbank took the brunt of her senseless acts. The incident happened around 2 p.m. on the 2200 block of North Brighton, south of San Fernando Road, close to the 5 freeway on-ramps. 

A resident heard the attack on their vehicle and peered over the fence where he saw the woman and asked her “What are you doing?” but she didn’t respond and got back into her white SUV that was seen to not have any license plates.

The prior incidents had involved some higher end vehicles but the ones in Burbank were regular vehicles including a pickup truck, a Honda Fit, and a minivan.  Two of the vehicles belonged to residents of the block, and the third vehicle’s owner had parked there to go to a store around the corner.

When the call came into Burbank police department, their helicopter happened to be in air and hurried to the scene to track the woman but she was already gone.  The witness’ description was a match to the brick smashing video seen online.

Lisa Jones, 30, has been arrested and the investigation is still underway. She is being held without bail on charges of felony vandalism.