Burbank Begins Renovation of City Parks


In with the new and out with the old! During out first full week of 2018, Earthwalk Park, which is located at 1922 Grismer Street, finished it’s long renovation process and opened its gates to a new playground for kids to enjoy. The park features all-new equipment, meaning none of the old playground stands as it was. While the continuous construction during the renovation process made driving around the area a hassle, the new park stands as a beacon of fun for kids in the area.

For those of you wondering, “What about my park?”, you will be happy to hear that Earthwalk Park was the first of many to be renovated throughout the city of Burbank. However, it is important to note that the renovation process takes time and the city is renovating the parks one at a time. Work on Earthwalk Park began weeks ago, but crews worked at a good pace.

Below are the next parks undergoing renovation:

The money to renovate these parks was approved in a budget before discussions of a budget deficit arose.