Burbank Board of Education Approves Fiscal Stabilization Plan

In a special meeting, it yields important information and some emotional.

(Photo By Ross Benson)

In the most recent and fairly brief, two-hour and 13-minute Burbank Unified School District special meeting on Thursday evening, though short, was nonetheless informative.

In a 4-0 vote, Resolution 37 for approving the development of a fiscal stabilization plan was adopted as presented by Andrew Cantwell, assistant superintendent, administrative services.

In the public comment portion of the meeting, three people spoke passionately against turning Horace Mann Elementary, which was built more than a half century ago and isn’t being used, into a potential high-density property housing for among others, teachers.

“We are a family-friendly community. We’ve got to work together,” said BUSD president Steve Ferguson on the matter.

Additionally, BUSD secondary local assessment data was presented in a slide show.

For secondary English in grades six through eight:

1) 52 percent of middle school students scored proficient on the end of year reading assessment.

2) Preliminary results indicate 54 percent of middle school students scored proficiency on the CAASPP (SBAC) assessment for English language arts.

In grades nine through 12:

3) 61.5 percent of high school students scored proficient on the spring district writing prompt.

4) Preliminary results indicate 65 percent of 11th grade students scored proficient on the CAASPP (SBAC) assessment for English language arts.

For secondary math in grades six through eight:

5) 43 percent of middle school students scored proficient on the end of year math assessment.

6) Preliminary results indicate 40 percent of middle school students scored proficient on the CAASPP (SBAC) assessment for math.

For grades nine through 12:

7) 42.25 percent of high school students scored proficient on the spring math district benchmarks.

8) Preliminary results indicate 35 percent of the 11th grade students scored proficient on the CAASPP (SBAC) for English language.

The key recommendation findings from the survey were the following:

A) Increase frequency and transparency of communication with parents and staff.

B) Metrics indicate a decline in this area from previous years.

C) Investigative the significant shift in post-high school plans for students.

D) Significant shift in self-reported plans of high school students from four-year to community college to post-high school plans.

E) Expand professional development offerings on behavior management and health and wellbeing.

Carryover trend from previous year as staff is requesting additional training as some students are facing at school.

The key commendation findings from the survey:

1) Overall satisfaction with BUSD and school sites is high at 70 percent.

2) Perception of teachers is high with most metrics in the 80-plus percent of positivity.

3) Staff evaluations remain positive with effective communication, process and equity at 90 plus percent.

4) Families feel welcome on school sites 85 percent.

5) Technology is readily accessible and available to students at 85 percent.

6) Schools respond to children’s questions or concerns 83 percent.

7) Parent portal usage has increased by 3 percent.

8) Email remains the highest rated method to communicate with parents 90-93 percent.

9) Satisfaction with PBIS and anti-bullying programs activities increased (increased 2 percent, PBIS and 11 percent for anti-bullying.

10) Awareness of how and to whom bullying should be reported increased 7 percent (71 percent total).

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