Burbank Board Of Education Recognizes Student Board Members

(Photo By Ross Benson)

The three high school student representatives of the Burbank Board of Education were recognized for their efforts during the 2020-21 year at the regular school board meeting held on Thursday, May 6.

Carmen Blanchard from Burbank High School, Nadaly Jones from John Burroughs High School and Caleb Lopez from Monterey High School have been giving reports on the activities at their respective schools for the previous school year, at each regular Board of Education meeting.

The three students will receive individual plaques and also have their names added to the Student Board Representative plaque housed at the District Office.

“It’s such a privilege to be able to work with student board members,” commented Board Vice President Charlene Tabet. “It’s so nice to have interaction and know what’s going on at the secondary schools.”

“I thank them for their time and dedication to our district and their schools,” she also said.

The recognition presentation was held online, with Board members and District staff in the District meeting room and the student reps conferencing in from home.

“Student Board Members have a very special place in my heart, as they do everyone else here, as a former Student Board Member,” commented Board Clerk Steve Ferguson. “This has been such a leadership moment, for all leaders.”

“The ASBs have had to be more innovative than ever before on how to connect to kids more than ever before,” he added. “I hope that all the lessons that you learned in this moment in leadership, as I have in my life, will enrich your life moving forward.”

Usually, the presidents of the high schools’ Associated Student Body groups have filled the roles as Student Board Representatives.

“It has really been such a challenging year, such a difficult experience,” Board President Steven Frintner said. “All three of our student leaders have risen to the challenge.”

“We’ve always taken pride that our student leaders have been engaged,” he added. “We honor your service to our Board and our schools.”

“Thank you all so much for being so supportive and kind to us Student Board Members,” Blanchard replied during her regular report to the Board later in the meeting. “With the role of ASB President being so involved in on campus activities and school spirit and events, it has been kind of difficult to find as much purpose and importance in our duties.”

Burbank High ASB’s recent main focus has been preparing for the the first and only in-person student event of the 2020-21 school year, the Senior Bash, on May 22, Blanchard continued.

The BHS ASB has also been preparing for Senior Awards Night on May 26, which will have a limited student audience and be live-streamed, the live-streamed Faculty Excellence Awards on May 25 and in person graduation, with limited attendance, at Memorial Field on May 28.

Burroughs ASB has been focusing on letting teachers and staff at JBHS know they are appreciated for Teacher Appreciation Week, Jones said.

“We all know that this year has not been easy and we want to share our appreciation and support for all of the hard work our teachers and staff have provided,” she said.

Jones noted that the JBHS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee will hold its first Multi-Cultural Festival Friday, May 7, for an online event, welcoming students and community members to learn more about diversity at Burroughs.

Burroughs ASB will also hold the Senior Picnic on Memorial Field on May 21, with games and activities, for a limited in-person attendance, following strict health guidelines.

Lopez noted that students were excited to have returned to in-person classes at Monterey High School. He mentioned that some classes have been able to be held outside for physical distancing.

“Students and staff are really happy to be back in person and the attendance has been great,” he also said. “Staff is working hard on creating a safe graduation and we’re hoping to having a great turnout this year.”

Ferguson and Frintner added that there have been a lot of safety procedures, regulations and planning being worked on by staff to make the upcoming end-of-year in-person activities as safe as possible. Those guidelines and requirements will be clearly communicated to the respective students and their families in coming days.

The video and complete agenda of the Burbank Board of Education meeting for May 6 can be found online here.

The Burbank Board of Education is comprised of President Steve Frintner, Vice President Charlene Tabet, Clerk Steve Ferguson and members Dr. Armond Aghakhanian and Dr. Emily Weisberg. More information on the Board can be found online on their webpage.

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