Burbank Boys, Burroughs Girls Win in Rivalry Dual Meet in Pool

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

The Burbank High boys’ swim team and the Burroughs High girls’ swim team earned victories Wednesday afternoon when the two rivals squared off in the final dual meet of the Pacific League season at Burbank.

Burbank Chamber

Burroughs won the girls’ varsity competition by a score of 86-75. Burbank took the boys’ competition by a score of 85-60.

David Lee competes in the 100 Freestyle. (Photo by Ross A Benson)

David Lee earned a pair of individual victories for the Burbank boys’ team by winning the 50 and 100 freestyle events.

Ryan Feldman was also impressive for the Bulldogs in taking the 200 freestyle and taking second in the 100 breaststroke.

Burroughs boys’ team was led by Reigh Abaoag, who won the 100 butterfly and the 100 breaststroke.

Burbank Chamber

Nicolai Lazarev also had some solid performances for the Indians, winning the 500 free and finishing second in the 200 free.

Maya Wilson competes in the 100 yd Butterfly. (Photo By Edward Tovmassian)

Maya Wilson led the Burroughs girls’ team. Traditionally a distance swimmer, she won the 50 free and the 100 butterfly.

Burbank was led by Michelle Morlock, who won the 100 free and took second in the 50 free.

See below for varsity results.


Burroughs at Burbank swimming April 25, 2018
Boys Varsity Results
Event Place Name Time
200 medley relay
1 Burbank (Arsen Rostomyan, Ryan Feldman, Dorian Andrei, Gevorg Vardanyan) 01:49.7
2 Burroughs (Isaack Dowling, Reigh Aboang, Arshak Berberyan., Nathan Gault-Crabb
3 Burbank (Henry Margaryan, Ford Roll, Daniel Semizyan, Andy Alvarez)
4 Burroughs (Jehu Morning, Scott Sauve, Aaron Meza, John Paul De Fabry)
200 Freestyle 1 Ryan Feldman (B) 01:55.0
2 Nicolai Lazarev (JB)
3 Scott Sauve (JB)
4 Isaac Yang (B)
5 Daniel Semizyan (B)
200 Individual Medley 1 Henry Margaryan (B) 02:16.3
2 Daniel Marinero (JB)
3 Gevorg Vardanyan(B)
50 Freestyle 1 David Lee (B) 22.7
2 Nathan Gault-Crabb (JB)
3 Orbel Barooni (B)
4 Andy Alvarez (B)
5 Arthur Eldridge (JB)
6 Daniel Marinero (JB)
100 Butterfly 1 Reigh Abaoag (JB) 53.15
2 Dorian Andrei (B)
3 Gevorg Vardanyan(B)
4 Arshak Berberyan (JB)
5 Orbel Barooni (B)
100 Freestyle 1 David Lee (B) 53.21
2 Arsen Rostomyan(B)
3 Videsh Shrestha (B)
4 Arthur Eldridge (JB)
5 Aaaron Meza (JB)
6 Matthew Mucha (JB)
500 Freestyle 1 Nicolai Lazarev (JB) 05:40.5
200 Freestyle Relay 1 Burbank (Orbel Barooni, David Lee, Gevorg Vardanyan, Isaac Yang) 01:40.1
2 Burroughs (Nathan Gault-Crabb, Issack Dowling, Arthur Eldridge, Daniel Marinero)
3 Burbank (Aleko Brice, Andy Alvarez, Videsh Shrestha, Ford Roll)
4 Burroughs (Arshak Berberyan, Nicolai Lazarev, Scott Sauve, John Paul De Fabry)
5 Burroughs (Aaron Meza, Max Zekowski, Matthew Mucha, Jehu Morning)
100 Backstroke 1 Arsen Rostomyan(B) 01:03.8
2 Isaack Dowling (JB)
3 Jehu Morning (JB)
4 Henry Margaryan (B)
5 Aleko Brice (B)
100 Breaststroke 1 Reigh Abaoag (JB) 01:02.2
2 Ryan Feldman (B)
3 Ford Roll (B)
4 Videsh Shrestha (B)
400 Freestyle Relay 1 Burbank (Arsen Rostomyan, Ryan Feldman, Dorian Andrei, David Lee) 03:33.5
2 Burroughs (Reigh Abaoag, Issack Dowling, Scott Sauve, Nathan Crabb-Gault)
3 Burroughs (Nicolai Lazarev, Arthur Eldridge, Arshak Berberyan, John Paul De Fabry)
4 Burbank (Isaac Yang, Daniel Semizyan, Videsh Shrestha, Henry Margaryan)
5 Burroughs (Aaron Meza, Max Zekowski, Matthew Mucha, Jehu Morning)
Girls Varsity Results
Event Place Name Time
200 Medley Relay 1 Burbank (Michelle Morlock, Simone Bethel, Emily Udall, Angelica Perez) 02:05.6
2 Burroughs (Madeline Lingad, Amabelle Morning, Maya Wilson, Bianca Sanchez)
3 Burroughs (Isabel Canelo, Jaelynn Bijasa, Mia Fallon, Lily Marsh)
4 Burroughs (Leann Bermudez, Amy Berberyan, Isabella Mucha, Katie Vlick)
5 Burbank (Melody Moradi, Stephanie Harkness, Sharlene Nazari, Angelica Chavez)
200 Freestyle 1 Maddie Spangler (JB) 02:16.9
2 Mia Fallon (JB)
3 Geneva Bethel (B)
4 Isabella Mucha (JB)
5 Ilona Oganesian (B)
200 Individual Medley 1 Emily Udall (B) 02:34.2
2 Bianca Sanchez (JB)
3 Jaelynn Bijasa (JB)
4 Sharlene Nazari (B)
50 Freestyle 1 Maya Wilson (JB) 25.44
2 Michelle Morlock (B)
3 Emmanuella Nathan (JB)
4 Angelica Perez (B)
5 Marlena Skrabak (JB)
100 Butterfly 1 Maya Wilson (JB) 59.52
2 Emily Udall (B)
3 Stephanie Harkness (B)
4 Sharlene Nazari (B)
100 Freestyle 1 Michelle Morlock (B) 01:00.6
2 Maddie Spangler (JB)
3 Angelica Chavez (B)
4 Lily Marsh (JB)
5 Isabel Oporta (JB)
6 Simone Bethel (B)
500 Freestyle 1 Mia Fallon (JB) 06:13.5
2 Geneva Bethel (B)
3 Angelica Perez (B)
200 Freestyle Relay 1 Burroughs (Maya Wilson, Bianca Sanchez, Marlena Skrabak, Emmanuella Nathan) 01:51.1
2 Burroughs (Maddie Spangler, Jaelynn Bijasa, Isabel Oporta, Brianna Meneses)
3 Burbank (Geneva Bethel, Simone Bethel, Ilona Oganesian, Sharlene Nazari)
100 Backstroke 1 Isabel Canelo (JB) 01:15.1
2 Melody Moradi (B)
3 Angelina Chavez (B)
100 Breaststroke 1 Simone Bethel (B) 01:32.7
2 Amabelle Morning (JB)
3 Isabella Mucha (JB)
4 Amy Berberyan (JB)
5 Stephanie Harkness (B)
400 Freestyle Relay 1 Burbank (Emily Udall, Michelle Morlock, Angelica Perez, Geneva Bethel) 04:54.3
2 Burroughs (Isabella Mucha, Mia Fallon, Bianca Sanchez, Marlene Skrabak)
3 Burroughs (Isabel Oporta, Amy Berberyan, Lily Marsh, Maddie Spangler)
4 Burbank (Angelina Chavez, Stephanie Harkness, Melody Moradi, Ilona Oganesian)
5 Burroughs (Leann Bermudez, Katie Vlick, Fatima Serrano, Sedona Puglisi)