Burbank Boys Track and Field Stun Defending Champ Arcadia

Burbank hurdled over Arcadia into first place (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

By Dick Dornan
MyBurbank Sports Editor

There is nothing like defeating the defending league champion and ending a couple of streaks in the process. Just ask the Burbank High track and field team what a great feeling that is.

Burbank traveled to Arcadia High on Thursday hoping to put an end to years of futility. The Bulldogs had never beaten the Apaches, in any level, since joining the Pacific League in the 2006 – 2007 season.

Burbank hurdled over Arcadia into first place (Photo by Ross A. Benson)
Burbank hurdled over Arcadia into first place (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Arcadia had also not lost a league dual meet, at any level, in five years. Not one. Well, it’s time to celebrate, at least for this weekend, after the Burbank boys were able to defeat Arcadia in both the boys varsity and frosh-soph divisions.

Here are the numbers that shook up the Pacific League on the boys varsity level:

Burbank 69.5 Arcadia 66.5

“This was a huge win for our program,” Burbank coach Darin Wolf said.  “Last year we beat CV for the first time since joining this league and this year we knock off the 5-time reigning champions Arcadia. It was just an overall outstanding effort and I am just so proud of this team.”

Both BHS teams are now 4-0 in league and 5-0 overall while Arcadia drops to second place, an area very unfamiliar to them.

As for the Bulldogs, it’s a nice view from above as they sit atop the league standings in their drive for a league championship.




(Burbank- 69.5 Arcadia 66.5)


(Burbank 71 Arcadia 65)



(Arcadia 102 Burbank 34)


(Arcadia 107 Burbank 25)

4 x 100

2nd– 49.57


2nd Ethan Moskowitz  4:31.68

1st– Sam Gorman  4:41.51

2nd Jonas Macromalis  4:48.65

2nd Candela Fernandez 5:06.82

3rd  Alexia Hatun- 4:45.89


1st Jonathan Afzali  15.6

2nd Martin Swan  16.0

3rd Dev Patel  16.3

1st Nevin Velasquz  18.4

3rd Gevorg Papazyan  20.2

2nd Adriana Lopez  18.4


1st Chris Roe  51.81

3rd Caroline Adams 67.60


3rd James Williams  11.88

1st Julia Newton 12.69


3rd Arsen Mkrtchyan  2:03.2

1st Sam Gorman   2:07.38

3rd Justin Smith   2:09.63

1st Daisy Ignacio 2:31.24

3rd Caroline Adams 2:47.0


1st Jonathan Afzali   42.51

3rd Martin Swan   42.94

1st Nevin Velasquez

2nd Kira Bochard 50.24


3rd Chris Roe   23.79

3rd Raymond Francois  24.74

2nd Felicia Tomitsa 26.99


1st Gabriel  Ellman  9:41.9

2nd Ethan Moskowitz  9:43.3

1st Jonas Macromallis  10:23.2

3rd Angel Flores  10:34.6

2nd Candela Fernandez 11:32.5

1st Alexia Hatun 12:33.7

4 x 400

1st Roe, Mkrtchyan, Pulgarin,

Swan    3:30.33


2nd Noah Powell   5-8

3rd Chris Walker   5-8

1st Colin Vuncannon  5-0

3rd Elizabeth Sanchez and Haleigh Cusamano  4-8

1st Makenzie Dolan 4-6


1st Chris Miranda  12-0

2nd Andres Pulgarin  10-6

3rd Eddie Gibbons   10-0

1st Andre Poladian  10-6

2nd Davit Papoyan   10-0

1st Julia Newton 9-0

2nd McKenzie O’Dea 7-0


2nd Noah Powell  20-3

3rd James Williams   19-5.5

2nd Davit Papoyan  17-4

3rd Nevin Velasquz  16-11.5


1st James Williams   41-9

1st Davit Papoyan  38-11

2nd Nevin Velsquez   35-3.75

3rd Makenzie Dolan 26-8.5


3rd Andy Hurtado   44-7

2nd Mitchell Aslo  38-8

3rd Gianni Razavi   34-6.5

3rd Kynlee Vuncannon 28-7

2nd Rachel Wiley  25-0


1st Andy Hurtado   161-3

* New School Record

3rd Eddie Gibbons   115-2

1st Peter Abrahamian   100-6

2nd Mitchell Aslo   92-6

3rd Colin Vuncannon  90-9

1st Rachel Wiley 69-2

2nd Sara Larson 68-5