Burbank, Burroughs Split Swim Meet

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

The Burbank High boys’ swim team found out very quickly Tuesday afternoon never to take things lightly when the Bulldogs visited rival Burroughs.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Feeling it would easily win the opening event, the 200 medley relay, Burbank narrowly got past Burroughs.

“It really got close in the end,” Burbank’s Justin Miller said. “When it close we knew we needed to push it.”

Burbank won the boys’ varsity competition 98-71. Burroughs took the girls’ competition 98-68.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Burbank got a pair of wins from Roman Rostomyan in the 200 freestyle and 100 backstroke.

Miller won the 50 and 100 freestyle.

Burbank’s girls’ team was led by Michelle Morlock, who won the 50 freestyle and the 100 backstroke.

Burroughs boys’ team was led by Reign Abaoag, who won the 100 butterfly and the 100 breaststroke.

Maya Wilson led Burroughs’ girls’ team. She won the 200 freestyle and the 100 butterfly.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

“It was a great meet. The energy was high,” Burroughs coach Jacob Cook said. “Everyone was shaking hands before and after the races. It is a friendly rivalry.”

Burbank Boys Swimming 98, Burroughs 71
200 Medley Relay1.Burbank  (Roman, Rostomyan, Brent Min, Ashot Gavurmadzhyan, Justin Miller)BHS
         2.Burroughs (Josh Flinchbaugh, Reign Abaoag, Derick Duran, Drew BaellyJB1:43.35
         3.Burbank (Ryan Feldman, Maximilian Panfilov, Dorian Andrei, Ben Diaz)BHS
200 Free1.Roman RostomyanBHS
 2.Nathan Gault-CrabbJBHS
 3.Ben DiazBHS
200 IM1.Ashot GavurmadzhyanBHS
 2.Paxton AndersonJBHS2:20.0
 3.Brent MinBHS
50 Free1.Justin MillerBHS
 2.Drew BaellyJBHS23.56
 3.David LeeBHS
100 Fly1.Reign AbaoagJBHS53.67
 2.Derick DuranJBHS56.17
 3.Ashot GavurmadzhyanBHS
100 Free2.Justin MillerBHS
 2.Drew BaellyJBHS
 3.Dillon RosenBHS
500 Free1.Nathan ArmstrongJBHS5:20.87
 3.Nathan Gault-CrabbJBHS
 4.Maximilian PanfilovBHS
200 Free Relay2.Burbank (Justin Miller, David Lee, Ashot Gavurmadzhyan, Roman Rostomyan)BHS
 3.Burroughs (Nathan Gault-Crabb, Davis Dysthe, Charlie Gove, Derick DuranJBHS1:39.86
 3.Burbank (Dillon Rosen, Isaac Yang, Ryan Feldman, Ben Diaz)BHS
100 Back1.Roman RostomyanBHS
        2.Josh FlinchbaughJBHS1:00.51
 3.David LeeBHS
100 Breast      1.Reign AbaoagJBHS1:00.82
       2.Brent MinBHS
       3.Ryan FeldmanBHS
400 Free Relay1.Burroughs (Derick Duran, Reign Abaoag, Nathan Gault-Crabb, Drew Baelly)JBHS3:30.48
2.Burbank (Dillon Rosen, Dorian Andrei, Ben Diaz, David Lee)BHS
3.Burbank (Isaac Yang, Alden Choe, Brent Min, Charlie Thorpe)BHS
Burroughs Girls Swimming 98, Burbank 68
200 Medley Relay1.Burroughs (Mariena Skrabak, Annabelle Morning, Maya Wilson, Aleah Orozco)JBHS2:05.29
2.Burbank (Michelle Morlock, Tina Melkonian, Naphtali Avalos, Angelica Perez)BHS
3.Burroughs (Georgia Young, Annette Kogan, Elyse Cervik, Robin Dangaran)JBHS2:14.75
200 Free1.Maya WilsonJBHS1:59.48
2.Mia FallonJBHS2:12.3
3.Marlena SkrabakJBHS2:27.23
200 IM1.Bianca SanchezJBHS2:36.99
2.Naphtali AvalosBHS
3.Annette KoganJBHS2:50.58
50 Free1.Michelle MorlockBHS
2.Lily MarshJBHS27.98
3.Robin DangaranJBHS29.83
100 Fly1.Maya WilsonJBHS1:01.55
2.Emily UdallBHS
3.Naphtali AvalosBHS
100 Free1.Aleah OrozcoJBHS1:01.39
2.Bianca SanchezJBHS1:03.29
3.Geneva BethelBHS
500 Free1.Mia FallonJBHS5:55.48
2.Emily UdallBHS
3.Lorraine IshidaBHS
200 Free Relay1.Burroughs (Marlena Skrabak, Aleah Orozco, Bianca Sanchez, Lily Marsh)JBHS1:53.92
2.Burbank (Tina Melkonian, Angelica Perez, Naphtali Avalos, Michelle Morlock)BHS
3.Burroughs (Andrea Silva, Viktorya Saroyan, Georgia Young, Elyse Cervik)JBHS2:02.32
100 Back1.Michelle MorlockBHS
2.Isabelle CaneloJBHS1:18.14
3.Geneva BethelBHS
100 Breast1.Annabelle MorningJBHS1:17.42
2.Tina MelkonianBHS
3.Simone BethelBHS
400 Free Relay1.Burroughs (Maya Wilson, Aleah Orozco, Mia Fallon, Lily Marsh)JBHS4:13.01
2.Burbank (Haley Kolus, Scarleth Ortiz, Emily Udall, Simone Bethel)BHS
3.Burroughs (Robin Dangaran, Alice Martrinez, Andrea Silva, Kim ArgumedoJBHS4:48.97
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