Burbank Business Partners Celebrate Schools

Celebrate Our Schools award winners and nominees. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

It’s Awards Season and ‘Celebrate Our School’ handed out awards for the best.

Burbank Business Partnership is a group of business and community leaders who are committed to developing sustainable multi-level support for the educational efforts of our community by cultivating enhanced business and community partnerships or our schools.

This past week teachers, students, Studio Vice Presidents, and members of the business community all gathered at Lakeside County Club to present their awards to programs that enhance our Burbank schools. There were several hundred in attendance, and the programs and classes that received the awards were as good as SAG awards or others.

The first award presented was The Educational Innovation Award, this award was to the students who went beyond the basics and realized their ‘untapped potential’. This award was given to the project, program or initiative that best demonstrated a unique, ‘out of the box’ learning  opportunity that reflects resourcefulness and strives to generate community participation.

Celebrate Our Schools Educational Innovation Award winners ‘ Start Your Engines’ (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Those nominated were “Cast Iron Chef” from John Muir Middle School, ‘Golden Ticket Club’ from Bret Harte Elementary School, and “Start your Engine” from Luther Burbank Middle School.

And the winner was……. “Start Your Engine” a group of middle school students under the direction of teacher Joe Reed rebuilt a 1969 Bonanza mini bike from total dilapidation to running again in perfect condition.  The students went out to the community to get help with parts and what it would take to put this mini bike back running again.

The second award presented was The Resource Building Award; with limited school funding it affects our community in a myriad of ways. Raising funds to support fundamental programs and to provide enhanced learning opportunities is a ongoing challenge. This award acknowledges the initiative, persistence, and creative vision it took to capture and develop community support for our schools.

Celebrate Our Schools Resource Building Award winners ‘ Computer Champions’. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

These nominees for this award were “All American Show Choir Super Show” Burbank Arts for All Foundation Burbank & Burroughs VMA programs. “Computer Champions” Thomas Jefferson & Theodore Roosevelt Elementary Schools, “Disney Diggers Garden” Walt Disney Elementary School.

And the award was presented to…….. “Computer Champions” These kids were using 12 year old computers, most of them didn’t even work and it was frustrating to students. Their teacher arranged “Math-a-thons” to help raise funds and with the help of local business they were able to upgrade to new computers so that kids were now introduced to computers in Kindergarten and by the fifth grade they are fully computer literate and able to to make projects like PowerPoint and others.

The third and final award was the Community Engagement Award sustained community engagement is vital to the schools success. Challenges exist that provide opportunities for everyone in Burbank to connect with the schools in powerful ways.  This award recognized efforts dedicated to building broad, inclusive and diverse support around ideas, projects and learning.

The nominees for this award were “KaBoom Playground” Burbank Adult School, “Kobe’s Community Garden” Community Day School and “Paper Clips Club” Burbank High School.

Celebrate Our Schools Community Engagement Award winners ‘Paper Clips Club’. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The award was presented to…… “Paper Clips Club” from Burbank High School. These students are deeply concerned about the continuing threat of genocide around the world, these Burbank High students formed the “Paper Clips Club” in 2008, and they seek to prevent genocide through a three-tiered approach of awareness, advocacy, and action. They extended their impact by reaching out to other organizations within Burbank High School and the community. They strengthened their advocacy through letters, petitions, and interaction with other clubs and organizations. They have raised funds to directly help those in affected regions.

The presenters David Nos, Sue Georgino, and Michael Cusumano, who had hands on with all the efforts of the programs and were involved in the making of a video to show each groups accomplishments.

If you want to get involved remember these kids are students now and will be the workforce here in Burbank in the next couple of years, so what you put in today will benefit everyone here in Burbank in years to come. Go to www.BurbankBusinessPartners.com to find out how you can get involved.

Celebrate Our Schools award winners and nominees. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)