Burbank City Budgets Now Available for Easy Viewing

By On March 30, 2017

The City of Burbank has entered a partnership with OpenGov, to offer the public a transparency portal that provides enhanced access to City financial information via the City’s website burbankca.gov.

OpenGov is the world’s first integrated cloud solution for public sector budgeting, reporting, and open data. The online portal will make important financial information easily accessible to residents, elected officials, and the media. The platform, which is now live, opens data to the public which enables greater understanding of city budgets while fostering more transparent governance and informed decision-making.

“We encourage our citizens to try this new tool and learn more about how their government works for them,” said Financial Services Director, Cindy Giraldo. “They will likely discover the OpenGov portal and its modern graphics to be quite intuitive. Understanding city budgets can be difficult. We hope that will change once people go online and start exploring and learning at their own pace.”

The new platform will help inform citizens with easy to understand reporting on financial trends and spending patterns of the city. Citizens can quickly explore the data to uncover insights and create easy-to-use visualizations that clearly depict the budget breakdown, allowing taxpayers to see where their money is going.

“Burbank is taking progressive and proactive steps to ensure its citizens can easily access and understand how their taxpayer dollars are being spent,” said OpenGov CEO Zac Bookman. “This new, easy-to-use transparency platform will enhance civic engagement, build trust, and bolster government accountability.”

Burbank’s OpenGov platform can be viewed at burbankca.opengov.com.