Burbank City Council Approves Citywide Goals for 2022s


On Tuesday, January 31st, Burbank City Council met in order to discuss it’s goals for the new year.

Last year, the city council laid out five goals that it committed to tackling: economic recovery and development, dealing with housing and homelessness, sustainability, enhancing city services and, lastly, improving the quality of life of all residents.

In crafting their list of goals for 2022, the council took into close consideration the events of the past year. This can be seen in their inclusion of transportation/traffic safety as a priority; within the past year, there has been a high prevalence of speeding within Burbank, culminating in the deadly accident that took the lives of three young people along Glenoaks.

City council reached a unanimous consensus on what the goals for 2022 should be by taking turns listing out their individual goals for the city. The goals that all five council members held in common were then compiled together. Out of the more then 20 different goals brought up by the council, seven ended up making the final cut.

Goals decided upon by the council were as follows: continuing economic recovery and responsible development, sustainability, maintaining and expanding city services where need be, ensuring quality of life, building infrastructure, ensuring transportation and traffic safety and, lastly, dealing with housing and homelessness. Five of the goals agreed upon by the city council were the five goals last year.

A copy of the meeting’s agenda and a video recording of the meeting can be found here.