Burbank City Council Elects Bob Frutos to Take the Reins as Mayor

Mayor Bob Frutos (Photo Courtesy Burbank P.I.O.)

Burbank City Council members unanimously elected their colleague, Vice-Mayor Bob Frutos, as the new Mayor of Burbank during City Council’s annual Reorganization meeting on December 14, 2020. Additionally, the City Council elected Councilmember Jess Talamantes as the next Vice-Mayor. The virtual ceremony also featured the swearing-in of first-time Councilmembers Konstantine Anthony and Nick Schultz and Krystle Palmer as City Treasurer.

New City Councilmember Nick Schultz being sworn in by City Clerk Zizette Mullins. (Photo Courtesy Burbank P.I.O)

Mayor Frutos will be serving as Mayor for the second time and replaces previous Mayor, Sharon Springer. She will continue in her role as a City Councilmember.

Prior to being elected to Council in 2013, Mayor Frutos began his service to Burbank in 2003, when he was appointed to the Burbank Police Commission and served as its Chairman for three years. He served as a member of the Burbank Charter Review Committee and sub-committee, on the Board of Directors of the Kids Community Dental Clinic, and was a member of the Burbank Noon Rotary. He currently serves as Council Liaison to the Burbank Airport Authority, Burbank Police Commission, Board of Library Trustees, Sustainable Burbank Commission, Public Information Office and Burbank Board of

Realtors. Additionally, Mayor Frutos is a member of the Finance and Treasurer Audit Committee and the Valley Economic Alliance.

During his term in Council, he has generated creative ideas and events such as the Rock-a-Hula pool party for Burbank’s senior citizens, Burbank’s participation in the Special Olympics, and the launch of City Hall’s Open House event. Mayor Frutos’ 2015 State of the City video earned him and the Burbank Public Information Office an Emmy Award.

Burbank Mayor Bob Frutos joined by close friends during Reorganization meeting. ( Photo Courtesy Burbank P.I.O.)

“Our top priority will be to maintain fiscal health and continue to work on the economic recovery of our city,” Mayor Frutos stated. “I believe the current and ongoing financial situation will be our top goal and we will continue to work on other existing City Council goals including affordable housing, traffic, quality of life concerns, planning, sustainability along with the homeless crisis.”

Mayor Frutos and his wife, Laura have lived in Burbank for almost 30 years. He worked in Law Enforcement for 28 years before officially retiring. He continues his service in Law Enforcement as a Reserve Police Officer with the Los Angeles Police Department.

The Reorganization Ceremony also included the swearing-in of Councilmembers Konstantine Anthony and Nick Schultz and Krystle Palmer as City Treasurer. Councilmembers Anthony and Schultz replace outgoing Councilmembers Emily Gabel-Luddy and Timothy Murphy. Palmer will continue her term after replacing the last City Treasurer, Debbie Kukta, who left mid-term in August 2018.

The Burbank Mayor and Vice Mayor serve for one year (December 2020 to December 2021).