Burbank City Council to Discuss Full Time Mayor, Council Districts

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City Staff has recommended that the Council take up a new procedure for elections in Burbank.

Burbank-City-Seal-LogoWith the 2015 election, the City will be split into four ‘districts’ with each one being represented by a different councilman. The fifth member of the council would be a full time Mayor, with a salary of $100,000 per year. The Mayor would run the meeting, provide the tie breaking vote, and go to all the ribbon cuttings and civic events.

This move is being made after residents complained that they are unable to go to coucilmembers homes for coffee when they have problems.  They also do not know which councilman to approach.

On the other hand, the yearly Mayor has found that there are over 250 events a year they must attend and they deserve a full time salary for having to go to all of these events.

This will not be a City of Bell situation where money is spent freely, but the salary will be collected by charging every resident a 18 cent charge per month on their utility bills.  While the salary goal is $100,000, it will fluctuate depending on how many residents there are.

The public is encouraged not to speak on this topic at the meeting tonight because staff says they know what is best for the city.

They did want to tell everyone, April Fools, however!!

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