Burbank City Manager Appointed as President of Cal Cities’ City Managers Department


Burbank City Manager Justin Hess has been appointed as President of Cal Cities’ City Managers Department for a one-year term.

City Manager Justin Hess at a recent City Council meeting (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The purpose of the City Managers Department is to serve as a technical and advisory department to Cal Cities, actively support personal and professional development opportunities, and strive for an advancement of city management professional accomplishments and ethical standards.

The role of President is to preside over all meetings, serve as President of the City Managers Department, and Chairman of the Executive Committee. The President appoints all committees, subject to ratification by the Officers of the Department, and has general supervision of the work of the Department which includes but is not limited to actively supporting the personal and professional development of Associate Members through mentoring, assignment to committees of the Department, and inclusion in the business activities of the Department.

“It is a privilege and an honor to serve as President for the Cal Cities’ City Managers Department,” said City Manager Justin Hess. “The City Managers Department is made up of City Managers from across the state who are committed to fostering professional development and strive to exceed the highest ethical standards. I look forward to leading the department and working with my colleagues so that our cities can be stronger and our advocacy more effective.”

Cal Cities is an association that was founded in 1898. The association is comprised of California city officials who work together to enhance their knowledge and skills, exchange information, and combine resources so that they may influence policy decisions that affect cities. Cal Cities has over 450 member cities, 59 board members, 16 regional divisions, 10 municipal departments, and 5 diversity caucuses. For more information about Cal Cities, please visit https://www.calcities.org/.

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