Burbank Community Read-In Day Highlights “Importance And Joy Of Reading”

By On June 12, 2019

Approximately 75 elementary-aged children and their families attended the Burbank Community Read-In Day at The Burbank Town Center on Saturday morning, June 8.

Organized by the Burbank Teachers Association and their president, Diana Abasta, the Burbank Community Read-In Day featured members of the community reading books aloud and high school drama students performing short skits, to further “emphasize the importance and joy of reading,” according to Linda Walmsley who helped organize and coordinate the event.

Congressman Adam Schiff of Burbank reads during Community Read-In Day held Saturday at The Burbank Town Center. ( Photo by Ross A Benson)

“It was wonderful to see so many children enjoy reading outside of the classroom,” commented Walmsley. “They not only enjoyed a story, but learned that reading is a necessary part of success in any career.”

“I am so grateful for the community leaders that gave their time to this event and hope that it becomes even bigger in the future.”

Battalion Chief Mark Hatch, Diana Abasta, Adam Schiff, Sharon Springer, Chief Scott LaChasse and BUSD Superintendent Matt Hill. ( Photo by Ross A Benson)

Congressman Adam Schiff, Vice-Mayor Sharon Springer, Police Chief Scott LaChasse, Battalion Chief Mark Hatch, Library Director Elizabeth Goldman, Dr. Christian Herrera, nurse Debbie Buffham and teacher Dug Guiterrez read to the children who assembled on the third floor patio of the Burbank Town Center.

Burbank Unified Board of Education members Steve Ferguson and Steve Fritner attended the event along with BUSD Superintendent Matt Hill with his wife Karen and his sons Aidan and Emerson.