Burbank Crime Log – December 16 Edition

Crimes reported by the Burbank Police Department to Crimemapping

In recent days, Burbank has experienced various forms of criminal. The Burbank Police Department has reported a series of incidents, including drug and alcohol violations, assaults, motor vehicle thefts, and more. Here’s a detailed overview of these incidents:

Drug and Alcohol Violations

A significant number of drug and alcohol violations were reported across different parts of Burbank:

  • December 14, 2023: Incidents occurred at N Clybourn Av/Edison Wy, the 100 block of E Alameda Av, and the 400 block of S San Fernando Bl.
  • December 13, 2023: Violations were reported at S Lake St/W Verdugo Av, the 3500 block of W Alameda Av, and the 200 block of N Third St.
  • December 14, 2023: Additional incidents occurred at Amherst Dr/N Glenoaks Bl.


The city also witnessed several assaults, which included:

  • December 13, 2023: Assaults occurred at N Glenwood Pl/W Palm Av and twice at the 500 block of E Santa Anita Av.
  • December 13, 2023: An early morning assault was reported at the 500 block of E Santa Anita Av.

Motor Vehicle Thefts and Vehicle Break-Ins

There were also these vehicle-related crimes:

  • December 13 and 14, 2023: Motor vehicle thefts were reported at the 600 block of E Cypress Av, N Shelton St/W Magnolia Bl, the 200 block of E Cedar Av, and N Avon St/W Clark Av.
  • December 13, 2023: Vehicle break-ins/thefts occurred at the 1500 block of Broadway and at Verdugo Dr and Santa Anita Av.

Theft and Larceny

Several theft and larceny incidents were reported, particularly at the 1600 block of N Victory Pl, indicating a hotspot for such criminal activities.


Cases of vandalism were reported on December 12 and 8 at the 900 block of W Alameda Av and the 4300 block of W Olive Av, respectively, showcasing property damage crimes.


A notable robbery incident occurred at the 1600 block of N Victory Pl on December 14, adding to the series of serious crimes in the area.

The Burbank Police Department is actively investigating these incidents. They urge residents to be vigilant, report any suspicious activities, and take necessary precautions to safeguard their properties and personal safety. The community’s cooperation is essential in helping law enforcement address this recent surge in criminal activities and maintain public safety.

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