Burbank Crime Log, February 29 Edition

Crimes reported by the Burbank Police Department to Crimemapping

Over the span of a few days in late February 2024, the Burbank community experienced the following criminal activities, ranging from theft and burglary to assaults and DUI incidents. The Burbank Police Department reported a significant uptick in cases, highlighting the need for increased vigilance and cooperation among the community members and law enforcement.

The series of incidents began to escalate on February 13, 2024, with a case of fraud at 1500 Block Grismer AV, reported at noon. This marked the beginning of a troubling period for the city, which would see a range of crimes from minor thefts to more serious offenses.

By February 17, the community faced multiple instances of vandalism, DUI, and drugs/alcohol violations, notably with a DUI reported at N Hollywood WY/W Magnolia BL at 10:30 PM and vandalism at N Hollywood WY/W Chandler BL at 9:18 PM. This was accompanied by a sex crime reported at 400 Block S San Fernando BL at 1:00 AM, adding to the gravity of the situation.

As the week progressed, February 18 witnessed further incidents, including multiple theft/larceny cases at locations such as 1300 Block N Victory PL and 500 Block N Third ST in the afternoon. A vehicle break-in/theft was also reported at W Jeffries AV/N Frederic ST at 1:18 PM, alongside a DUI at 800 Block S San Fernando BL at 1:50 AM, indicating a broad spectrum of criminal activity.

The situation did not improve on February 19, with assault, motor vehicle theft, and additional theft/larceny cases being reported throughout the day. The police were particularly busy, responding to various incidents, including an assault at 300 Block Pass AV at 10:00 PM and motor vehicle thefts at locations like 800 Block N Sparks ST at 5:00 PM.

February 21 saw an alarming number of crimes reported in just one day, including assaults, thefts/larcenies, motor vehicle thefts, and vehicle break-ins, illustrating a city grappling with a wide array of criminal challenges. Notably, theft/larceny incidents were reported at 3200 Block W Magnolia BL at 7:17 PM and 1600 Block N Victory PL at 2:14 PM, among others.

The crime wave continued into February 23 and 24, with significant incidents including robberies, DUIs, and further theft/larceny cases. On February 23, a robbery was reported at 200 Block N Third ST at 1:00 PM, and the following day, February 24, saw assaults and multiple theft/larceny reports, emphasizing the persistent and varied nature of the crimes facing Burbank.

This summary of events from late February 2024 highlights not only the diverse range of criminal activities in Burbank but also the urgency for comprehensive strategies to address and prevent such incidents in the future.

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