Burbank Crime Log – November 22 Edition

Crimes reported by the Burbank Police Department to Crimemapping

Escalating Criminal Activities Across Burbank: A Detailed Account of Recent Incidents

BURBANK, CA – The City of Burbank is currently facing the following criminal activities, ranging from theft and fraud to vandalism and drug/alcohol violations. These incidents have been occurring across various neighborhoods, prompting the Burbank Police Department to ramp up its efforts in combating this surge in crime. Here’s an expanded overview of the recent incidents, categorized by crime type and detailing locations and times:

Theft and Larceny: A Growing Concern

  • November 15, 11:30 PM: A theft/larceny incident occurred on the 2400 Block of North Naomi Street, marking the beginning of a series of such crimes.
  • November 16, 6:13 PM: Another theft/larceny was reported on the 200 Block of East Cypress Avenue, reflecting a worrying trend in property-related crimes.
  • November 20: The day witnessed two significant theft/larceny incidents – one at 1:53 PM on the 1300 Block of North Victory Place and another at 6:13 PM on the 1000 Block of West Burbank Boulevard.

Fraud: Deceptive Crimes

  • November 19, 5:34 PM: A case of fraud was reported on the 400 Block of East Providencia Avenue, indicating criminal practices in the area.
  • November 20, 4:05 PM: Another fraud incident occurred on the 1600 Block of North Victory Place, adding to the series of financial crimes impacting local residents.

Vandalism: Property Damage and Concerns

  • November 19, 8:40 AM: The 1300 Block of North Victory Place was the scene of a vandalism incident, highlighting concerns about property damage and the disrespect for public and private spaces.

Drugs and Alcohol Violations

  • November 18, 12:17 AM: An incident involving drugs/alcohol violations was reported on the 200 Block of West Alameda Avenue.
  • November 20, 10:24 PM: A similar violation occurred at the intersection of North Buena Vista Street and West Victory Boulevard.

Vehicle Break-In/Theft

  • November 20, 12:41 PM: The 1200 Block of Scott Road was the site of a vehicle break-in/theft, contributing to the growing unease among vehicle owners in the city.

Burglary: Increasing Break-Ins

  • November 20, 6:04 AM: A burglary took place on the 4200 Block of West Olive Avenue, part of an alarming trend of break-ins affecting both residential and commercial properties.

The Burbank Police Department urge residents to take proactive measures to secure their properties and to report any suspicious activities immediately. The recent crime wave underscores the critical need for a united effort in maintaining safety and security across Burbank.

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