Burbank Crime Log – November 3 Edition

Crimes reported by the Burbank Police Department to Crimemapping

The community of Burbank has been hit with a series of crimes over the past week. The Burbank Police Department is actively investigating and responding to these incidents, which range from theft and larceny to more serious offenses such as assault and driving under the influence.

Assault Incidents

Two assaults shook the community on October 31. The first occurred at 5:00 PM on the 400 block of West Valencia Avenue. The second incident followed at 8:15 PM near North Bel Aire Drive and Delaware Road. These violent offenses have prompted the police to call for increased community awareness and reporting of any suspicious behavior.


On the evening of October 31, a burglary was reported at 10:56 PM on the 3300 block of West Magnolia Boulevard. This crime is part of a disturbing pattern of property-related offenses that have affected the area.

Theft and Larceny

The Burbank Police Department responded to multiple thefts on November 1, highlighting a concerning trend in property crimes. Incidents were reported at the following times and locations:

  • 12:16 PM on the 1700 block of North Victory Place
  • 12:59 PM on the 1300 block of North Victory Place
  • 1:43 PM on the 1200 block of South Flower Street
  • 1:45 PM on the 100 block of East Alameda Avenue
  • 6:11 PM on the 1600 block of North Victory Place

Weapons Offense

A weapons-related incident was reported on November 1 at 10:59 AM at the intersection of North San Fernando Boulevard and North Buena Vista Street. The details of the weapons charge are under investigation.


Driving under the influence remains a critical concern for the police. A DUI was recorded at 8:34 PM on October 28 on the 100 block of East Alameda Avenue. Another followed on November 1 at 7:43 PM at the junction of North Victory Boulevard and West Magnolia Boulevard.


Fraudulent activities were reported on November 1 at 5:40 PM on the 200 block of East Alameda Avenue. The Burbank Police are scrutinizing these events and cautioning residents to protect their personal and financial information.


Vandalism continues to be an issue, with the latest incident occurring on November 2 at 3:47 AM at West Burbank Boulevard and North Naomi Street. Earlier, on October 30, vandalism was reported at 11:10 AM on the 0 block of East Alameda Avenue.

The Burbank Police Department would like anyone with information on these crimes to come forward.