Burbank Crime Report – February 17 Edition

Crimes reported by the Burbank Police Department to Crimemapping

Recent in criminal activity has put the Burbank community on high alert, with a spate of incidents ranging from theft and vandalism to more severe crimes like assault, robbery, and arson. The following account details these events in chronological order, capturing the city’s struggle against this illegal behavior.

The series of incidents began on February 9, 2024, with a case of vandalism reported at 400 Block E Angeleno AV at approximately 9:30 PM. This act of property damage marked the beginning of a significant increase in crime over the following week.

By February 12, 2024, the situation escalated with a vehicle break-in/theft at 300 Block N Maple ST around 10:00 PM, followed closely by a motor vehicle theft at 2600 Block N Brighton ST at 6:00 PM, indicating a growing trend in property-related crimes.

The next day, February 13, saw a flurry of criminal activity starting early in the morning with a weapons incident at W Alameda AV/W Olive AV at 1:44 AM. The day continued with multiple theft/larceny reports at various locations, including 0 Block E Alameda AV at 10:15 AM, 200 Block E Cypress AV at 11:28 AM, and 1600 Block N Victory PL at 3:10 PM, among others. A burglary was also reported at 4200 Block W Kling ST at 9:30 AM, and the day concluded with a DUI incident at N Buena Vista ST/Vanowen ST at 8:17 PM.

On February 14, 2024, the crime wave showed no signs of abating. Early in the morning, drugs/alcohol violations were reported at 4100 Block Warner BL at 6:28 AM. The day witnessed several theft/larceny incidents, assaults at 1500 Block N Glenoaks BL at 2:14 PM and 100 Block E Alameda AV at 4:14 PM, and more cases of vandalism. The day’s crimes culminated with a vehicle break-in/theft at 800 Block E Orange Grove AV just before midnight.

However, the criminal activities took a more severe turn on February 15, 2024, beginning with drugs/alcohol violations at W Verdugo AV/S Lake ST at 1:42 PM. The afternoon and evening saw a robbery at N Kenneth RD/E Orange Grove AV at 6:55 PM, a theft/larceny at 1300 Block N Victory PL at 10:29 PM, and a disturbing case of arson at 500 Block S Buena Vista ST at 11:07 PM, adding a dangerous element to the ongoing crime spree.

The early hours of February 16, 2024, continued to bear witness to the city’s challenges with drugs/alcohol violations occurring at W Victory BL/N Orchard DR at 12:15 AM and E Palm AV/N Bonnywood PL at 1:06 AM, followed by another drugs/alcohol violation at S San Fernando BL/E Alameda AV at 3:17 AM.

These incidents have been reported by the Burbank Police Department to Crimemapping.

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