Burbank Crime Report – February 21 Edition

Crimes reported by the Burbank Police Department to Crimemapping

In a sweeping narrative of crime across Burbank, the community faced a series of incidents that underscored the challenges facing the local police force. From thefts and DUIs to more severe cases of assault, robbery, and arson, the city the following criminal activity that spanned from early February to the latter half of the month.

The incidents began to gain notable momentum on February 6, 2024, with a theft/larceny case reported at 1300 Block N Victory PL at 2:35 PM. This event marked the onset of a troubling trend that would escalate in the days to follow.

By February 12, the city saw two instances of fraud, one at 700 Block S Main ST at 6:00 PM and another at 900 Block S San Fernando BL at 3:58 PM, signaling a growing concern for financial crimes within the community.

The trend of theft continued on February 14, with significant incidents including a motor vehicle theft at N San Fernando BL/N Ontario ST at 3:00 PM, followed by theft/larceny at 1700 Block N Victory PL at 5:42 PM and another theft/larceny at 200 Block W Spazier AVE APT 209 at 6:12 PM, indicating a persistent issue with property crimes.

February 15 saw a motor vehicle theft at 500 Block S Buena Vista ST at 2:30 PM, adding to the series of auto-related crimes plaguing the city.

The situation seemed to intensify on February 16, beginning with a robbery at 2200 Block W Olive AV at 8:42 AM, an arson incident at W Alameda AV/S Flower ST at 10:08 AM, and an assault at 200 Block N Third ST at 10:30 AM. The day also saw multiple instances of theft/larceny, vehicle break-ins, and a DUI arrest, illustrating a day fraught with various criminal activities.

February 17 brought more challenges, starting with an assault at 600 Block E Verdugo AV at 3:00 AM, followed by a string of vehicle-related crimes, including break-ins and a motor vehicle theft, and culminating in a vandalism report at 200 Block W Olive AV at 12:00 PM.

The crime wave showed no signs of abating as the city moved into the week of February 18, with a DUI reported at 1700 Block W Olive AV at 1:15 AM, signaling ongoing issues with impaired driving.

February 19 was particularly troubling, with incidents ranging from motor vehicle theft early in the morning at 700 Block N Ontario ST at 6:28 AM, to fraud, theft/larceny, and another robbery at 2400 Block W Victory BL at 5:05 PM, and ending with drugs/alcohol violations at W Olive AV/N Lake ST at 6:20 PM.

These incidents, chronicled in detail, paint a vivid picture of the criminal landscape in Burbank over a short span, highlighting the diverse and complex nature of the challenges faced by the Burbank Police Department and the community at large.

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