Burbank Crime Report – November 15 Edition

Crimes reported by the Burbank Police Department to Crimemapping

In a recent spate of criminal activities, the city of Burbank has witnessed a series of crimes, as reported by Crimemapping. These incidents, occurring between November 12 and 14, 2023, have spanned from theft and vandalism to more serious offenses like weapons violations and motor vehicle theft.

Motor Vehicle Thefts and DUIs

  • November 13: A motor vehicle theft was reported at 10:15 PM on the 5700 block of Cahuenga Boulevard.
  • November 14: Another motor vehicle theft occurred at 7:37 AM on the 600 block of North Glenoaks Boulevard.
  • Additionally, DUI incidents were noted at 1:59 AM on the intersection of North Buena Vista Street and Vanowen Street.

Weapons Violations Raise Concerns

  • November 12: A weapons-related incident was reported at 11:11 PM near North Hollywood Way and West Verdugo Avenue.
  • November 13: Another weapons incident occurred at 11:53 PM in the same vicinity.

Theft and Larceny Cases Across Burbank

  • Thefts and larcenies were reported at various times and locations, including:
  • November 13: 5:45 AM on the 1300 block of North Victory Place, 2:15 PM on the 1100 block of West Alameda Avenue, 4:30 PM on the 1600 block of North Victory Place, and 8:05 PM on the 3500 block of West Victory Boulevard.
  • November 12: 12:03 PM on the 1700 block of North Victory Place.

Vandalism and Assault

  • November 13: Vandalism was reported at 6:50 PM on the 1300 block of West Verdugo Avenue. An assault was also reported at 5:22 PM on the 400 block of East Valencia Avenue.

Residents are being urged to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activities. This series of crimes highlights the importance of community cooperation in maintaining safety and security in Burbank.

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