Burbank Crime Report – November 25 Edition


The city of Burbank has been experiencing various types of criminal activities, ranging from motor vehicle theft and vandalism to assault, robbery, and drug/alcohol violations. Below is a detailed overview of these incidents, organized chronologically by type and location:

November 22, 2023

  • Assault (Sheriff): 12:30 PM at Magnolia Ave & Victory Blvd, Burbank, CA 91506.
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: 5:30 PM at 1400 Block N Naomi St.
  • Vandalism: 11:00 PM at 100 Block E Alameda Av.

November 23, 2023

  • Motor Vehicle Theft: 3:08 AM at S Kenneth Rd/E Verdugo Av.
  • Drugs/Alcohol Violations: 6:49 PM at 600 Block E Verdugo Av.
  • Weapons: 4:14 PM at W Olive Av/N Reese Pl.
  • Theft/Larceny: 4:34 PM at 1800 Block W Verdugo Av.
  • Drugs/Alcohol Violations: 11:10 PM at 1300 Block N Victory Pl.

November 24, 2023

  • Robbery: 5:45 AM at 1900 Block N Ontario St.
  • Theft/Larceny: 10:00 AM at 1300 Block N Victory Pl.

These incidents reflect criminal activities across different neighborhoods in Burbank. Residents are urged to remain vigilant, report any suspicious activities, and take proactive measures to secure their properties.

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