Burbank Cultural Arts Commission And Library Host “True Tales From Burbank”

Image Courtesy Burbank Cultural Arts Commission.

The Burbank Cultural Arts Commission and the Burbank Public Library host True Tales From Burbank with Burbank historians Wesley Clark and Michael McDaniel for the final Virtually Burbank online event on Thursday, May 27.

Clark and McDaniel have written three books about Burbank and are alumni of Burbank High School. Their Burbankia website has become a repository of Burbank history going back to the city’s founding.

“We began the Burbankia website (featuring hundreds of pictures, writings and videos) in 2003 because Mike was surprised about how uninformed people were about Burbank’s past; we knew it to be an interesting, varied set of stories and wanted to share those with other Burbankers,” commented Clark. “But what got us started in earnest was Mike mentioning ‘Turkey Crossing’ as a place name to Wes one day – Wes had never heard of the place and was immediately intrigued: Why was it called that? (We found out later.)”

“The most surprising thing about Burbank is just how much interesting history is associated with the place; just when we think we know it all we learn about some other fascinating avenue of exploration or some new cool bit of lore,” he added. “This Media City of Burbank never fails to entertain!”

Clark and McDaniel have published Lost Burbank, Growing Up In Burbank and True Tales From Burbank since 2016, which includes many of the photos and stories they have collected on their website.

“These guys have been friends for fifty years. To hear them talk reminds me why Burbank is so unique and special, one of the few towns in L.A. that has a real PERSONALITY,” commented Burbank Cultural Arts Commission Vice Chair Eric Conner. “Mike and Wes are great storytellers who flat out LOVE Burbank – it’ll be the perfect way to wrap up our Virtually Burbank ‘season’ and get the summer started!”

Since August 2020, the Burbank Cultural Arts Commission has presented a new Virtually Burbank: Alone Together event every month.

“The goal was to continue connecting Burbank’s artistic and creative community during a pandemic that was keeping everyone apart,” according to the organization.

Some of the previous events include “How to Get the Perfect Shot (at Home),” “Resources for Artists,” “Turning Trash Into Treasure” and the City of Burbank’s Virtual Christmas Tree Lighting. Videos of Virtually Burbank events are available to watch on their Facebook page.

Before returning to in-person events, the Commission “wanted to feature a fun and insightful look at the strange but true stories that could ONLY have happened in Burbank.”

True Tales From Burbank will stream via the Cultural Arts Commission’s Facebook Live page at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 27.

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