Burbank Cultural Arts Commission Presents “Art In Augmented Reality”

Image Courtesy Burbank Cultural Arts Commission

The Burbank Cultural Arts Commission presents the final Virtually Burbank event of 2021, “Art In Augmented Reality,” on Monday evening, November 15, via Facebook LIVE on the BurbankArts Facebook page. The presentation begins at 7:00 p.m.

“Art In Augmented Reality” will focus on a conversation between Cultural Arts Commissioner Lucy Simonyan and graphic designer Yeva Manucharyan. Manucharyan “brings art to younger generations through augmented reality.”

Manucharyan is a digital artist and creator of the art exhibit, Ellipsis, which uses “augmented reality and virtual reality apps to elevate the art viewing experience.” Ellipsis debuted digital art, fine art and augmented reality art by 26 local and international artists and was held on on July 17 and 18, 2021, at the Armenian Cultural Foundation in Glendale.

“Ellipsis places virtual content into real environments, creating innovative, interactive and magical experiences by blending art and technology,” said Simonyan.

Currently, Ellipsis is active in 10 cities around the world: Yerevan, Artsakh, Gyumri, Burastan in Armenia, St. Petersburg (Russia), Brussels and London (Europe), Montreal (Canada), Santiago (Chile) and Los Angeles. The exhibits feature 20 select works of art, a documentary video about the artists and information about the organizers.

“Watch our live show to find out where you can go and see this virtual art gallery in Los Angeles,” added Simonyan.

Manucharyan is the founder of online boutique AnahitCo and aims to share “Armenian culture with the world in a positive, creative and innovative way.”

“Virtually Burbank was birthed as a natural way for The Burbank Cultural Arts Commission to continue outreach and education to our arts community during the pandemic,” commented Leah Harrison, Chair of the Burbank Cultural Arts Commission. “Because of its huge success in its first pioneering season we are very pleased to present this second season, and continue our mission of connecting creatives of all types in our great city. “

The Burbank Cultural Arts Commission’s mission is “to enrich the lives of Burbank residents by highlighting the diverse arts and media in our community.”

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