Burbank Fire Department Performs CPR, Saves Engine 12 From ‘Brown-Out’

Wikimedia Commons Photo

While the problem has not been solved yet, the Burbank Fire Department today announced in a release that they had rethought their decision to brown out Engine 12, located at 644 Hollywood Way, but instead cut firefighters from three of the Department’s four-man Engines down to three, being able to keep all six engines in service full time.

“As I stated previously, this is not our optimum deployment; however, this reprieve will contribute to the health and well-being of our firefighters and their families, which will ultimately enable us to provide exceptional service to our community,” said Fire Chief Eric Garcia.

Originally, the plan was to take one engine out of service to deal with the manpower shortage. Since then, the plan has been rethought. Recently, Engine 12, which serves the Media District, has been the first-in Engine in several incidents, including an apartment fire on Pass and National last week.

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