Burbank Fire Department to Offer Wildfire Preparedness Training to Residents

Brush fires can happen at any time like this one back in 2018 (Photo by Ross A Benson)

As wildfires have become more prevalent and with a recent brush fire raging through Burbank a couple of years ago, the Burbank Fire Department has teamed up with the Resource Conversation District of the Santa Monica Mountains (RCDSMM) to provide residents with a training course.

This free course teaches residents how to reduce the risk of ignition at the property scale by implementing home hardening and fire-wise landscaping based on the most recent fire science findings.

According to Burbank Batallion Chief and Fire Marshal Jim Moye, “This class is open to all Burbank residents and provides information on how some homes have been lost over the recent years during wildfires. They also provide recommendations on how to potentially protect your home, called “home hardening”, in the event that your home is in the path of a wildfire.”

During the training, participants will learn how to conduct a home evaluation and provide practical advice to residents of high fire risk areas.

The training includes 2 virtual live sessions and 1 in-person session where participants can apply the knowledge learned in the training and practice evaluating a house for wildfire preparedness.

Organized by RCDSMM, the course will be presented by a Wildland Fire Expert and Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist.

To become a Wildfire Home Evaluator with the RCDSMM, you must complete this training and shadow 2 home evaluations with an experienced evaluator.

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