Burbank Firefighters Kept Busy with Freeway Emergencies


The Burbank Fire Department is kept busy with two freeways running through town on regular basis.

Burbank Chamber

Monday nite it was no different, they were called a couple of times with accidents, fires, and even a physical rescue.

A complete physical rescue was called at 9:50 pm with a reported car over the side of the embankment. The dispatch included 2 engine companies, a truck company with the ‘Jaws of Life’ a rescue ambulance and a Battalion Chief. 

Upon their arrival Westbound 134 just east of Buena Vista they located a Mini Cooper over the side resting against a large tree. Firefighters had to secure the car from moving so they secured it with a safety strap and chain to a parked fire truck company on the freeway. Once they got it secured two Paramedics got inside to treat the passenger, the remaining firefighters worked on cutting the roof off and spreading doors to get the patient out on a backboard.

Firefighters worked quickly as Paramedics treated the patient while making contact with the hospital, advising them what they were working on. Even thought the emergency was within 5000 feet of Saint Joseph’s Medical Center the Paramedics determined the injuries required them to transport to a Trauma Center and the closest was Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center. 

Burbank Chamber

California Highway Patrol was on scene to take a report and direct traffic around the emergency. They issued a SIGALERT for that part of the freeway while they investigated and allowed the firefighters safety.

The firefighters cleared away all their equipment while a tow truck was figuring a way to remove the car.

All the while Burbank Firefighters across town were working on another incident on the I-5 at Burbank.