Burbank General Fund Nearing Full Recovery According to City Council Presentation


On Tuesday March 1st, Burbank city council held a regularly scheduled meeting. Bob Frutos was notably absent from the meeting.

At the start of the meeting, Mayor Jess Talamantes led the council in a moment of silence for the people of Ukraine. Ukraine is currently being invaded by Russia.

As often is the case, the city council unanimously passed the consent calendar during the meeting, which included the repeal of a past ordinance that criminalized the “impersonation of the other sex.” The consent calendar is a grouping of agenda items that are all voted on at once.

Following the passage of the consent calendar, city council was given a presentation regarding the financial status of the city’s general fund. The general fund is the collection of the city’s money that is not specifically allotted to a single purpose or agency.

According to Financial Service’s Director Jennifer Becker, the city’s general fund revenues are nearing full recovery. However, the city still has to fight rising costs due to rising inflation and pandemic-fueled labor shortages.

A video recording of this meeting and it’s corresponding agenda can be found here.