Burbank High Drama Showcases “Kids Off-Stage”

Image Courtesy Burbank High Drama Department

The Burbank High School Drama program presents Kids Off-Stage, streaming online Friday evening, December 11, on the performing arts program’s YouTube channel.

The 27 students in Burbank High’s Play Production class, taught by Donovan Glover, view Friday evening’s debut as the culmination of the semester.

(Left to right) Nora Kenny (grade 11), Emily Henschel (grade 12) and Paloma Larsen-Franco (grade 10)perform a skit called “Quaranteen Girls Night Out.” (Image Courtesy Burbank High Drama Department)

“Play Production has put countless hours into this show,” explained student producer Annabelle Steel, a sophomore. “Kids Off-Stage is a compilation of original comedic scene. Monkeys, time traveling, dancing teachers and a robot chicken are among the bits of randomness.”

Kids Off-Stage is fast-paced, clever, wacky and FUN!” she also said. “It’s been incredible to help the project evolve from the writing room to the final stages of filming and editing.”

Senior Jean-Luc Fournier performs “The Poet’s Corner.” (Image Courtesy Burbank High Drama Department)

Kids Off-Stage is an original sketch comedy written, produced, filmed, directed and acted by the Play Pro students.

The show runs for about an hour in length. Although the show is free to watch, donations to the Drama program are encouraged and can be made online by visiting the Burbank High webstore and selecting BHS Drama Donations.

Ethan Foster, grade 10, in a scene from “Gateroids.”(Image Courtesy Burbank High Drama Department)