Burbank High Once Again Victim of Bomb Threat Hoax


For the second time in five days, Burbank High was the victim of a bomb hoax on campus.

This morning (Monday) Dr. Michael Bertram, Burbank High School Principal, was notified by a BHS teacher that a student had reported seeing graffiti on a bathroom stall referencing a bomb. Dr. Bertram immediately notified the Superintendent’s Office and the Burbank Police Department of the situation.

After consulting with Burbank police, a search of the campus was conducted. It was determined after the search that the threat was not credible.

This follows another incident on September 24 when a Burbank High student received a text message of a bomb threat and immediately reported it to the school’s administration. Burbank police determined the phone number was voice over IP (a computer-generated phone number, which was not traceable)

“Safety is our top priority”. said  Kimberley Clark, Burbank Unified School District’s Public Information Officer. “We take every precaution to keep everyone safe. Please take this time to have a conversation with your child that we take these matters seriously, and continue to encourage open communication between students, staff, and parents.”

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