Burbank Hosts First-Ever Virtual Art Exhibit


The City of Burbank Parks and Recreation Department and Cultural Arts Commission have partnered with Arloopa to host the “Virtual Brush” Art Gallery, Burbank’s first ever virtual art exhibit featuring digital art, fine art, and augmented reality presented by twenty-two local artists. Opening day of the augmented reality art exhibit will be on September 7, 2022, at 7:00 PM in Downtown Burbank near the AMC walkway and run for one year.

Members of the public can visit the physical space, bring their smartphones or tablets and view fine art pieces in the virtual art gallery through augmented reality. Viewers will need to scan a QR code available on a floor placard located at the AMC Walkway and download the Arloopa mobile application to view the gallery. Participants can then view the paintings, click on the description to learn more about the artist, and have the opportunity to purchase the artwork. The exhibition features 22 works of art, a short video about the Burbank Cultural Arts Commission created by New York Film Academy instructor and Cultural Arts Commissioner Eric Conner, and beautiful original music composed by Thomas Pease.

The Artists

The “Virtual Brush” Art Gallery Exhibit features local artists: Yvonne Jongeling, Anet Abnous, Arpi Krikorian, Varouj Hovakimyan, Annie Wood, Stefanie Girard, Krikor Tchay, Lusine Saakyan, Leo Marti, Zepure Jerahian, Joanna Lewis, Roberta Levitow, Helena Julin, Alica Asmar, Mariam Tamrazyan, Carina Kouyoumji, Hayk Manukyan, Roza Tarzyan, Lilit Vardanyan, Lilit Buniatyan, Lilit Martirosyan, and Arwestanoc.

The Organizers

Burbank Cultural Arts Commissioner Lucy Simonyan along with the Marketing Sub-Committee members Eric Conner, Suzanne Weerts and Rajasri Mallikarjuan have worked tirelessly to bring together the “Virtual Brush” Art Gallery to the City of Burbank. Special thanks to: The Parks and Recreation staff, Burbank Cultural Arts Commissioner Stefanie Gerard for helping curate the collection, and Yeva Manucharyan, founder of Anahit Co for expertise in augmented reality working in conjunction with Arloopa.


Arloopa is an augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) app and game development company which provides advanced AR and VR services. Arloopa uses augmented reality, image-recognition, and computer vision technology to convert the real world into a content-rich, interactive experience. Learn more about Arloopa here: https://arloopa.com.