Burbank Magic Basketball Club a Slam Dunk for Youth

Coach Jason Buttress and the Burbank Magic

If you’re looking for a team to sharpen your son or daughters basketball skills, the Burbank Magic Basketball Club is the place to do it. The Burbank Magic is headed by Club Director Jason Buttress, who is a longtime Burbank resident and Burroughs alumni.

When asked what separates the Burbank Magic from other clubs throughout the valley, Buttress answered, “We really strive to create a competitive, intense, but fun environment that really helps to bolster a great learning environment. Our No. 1 rule has always been that the kids are learning and having fun at the same time. We combine the fun with the learning aspect, and everyone is happy.”

Burbank Magic
Burbank Magic

The Burbank Magic also differs from other clubs in that they are truly non-profit. Coaches are not paid, and every extra penny goes back into the club. All fundraising events done throughout the year go towards creating scholarships for families unable to pay, as well as towards reducing costs for leagues/tournaments and monthly costs.

“This group is doing amazing things with our youth in Burbank and doing it the right way,” said Jason Dyer, Burbank Parks and Recreation Coordinator.

The Burbank Magic also participates in many team building activities throughout the year, including attending a UCLA Women’s Basketball game in Dec.  2014 and participating in fundraising with Team “Fight Like a Girl” for the Relay for Life – Burbank event held on Saturday, May 16, 2015. The players partnered with the Fight Like a Girl Team to help raise over $11,000 towards Cancer Research.

Coach Jason Buttress and the Burbank Magic
Coach Jason Buttress and the Burbank Magic

A new program now being offered by the Burbank Magic is a Coaching Mentoring Program. This program offers anyone over the age of 16 a chance to come out and assist a Head Coach with the 3rd/4th Grade or 5th/6th Grade team and learn the ins and outs of coaching, practice planning, running drills, and game management.

As of now, this program is only offered to current high school basketball players, but may change in the future. The Magic have three female high school players currently enrolled (one each at Burroughs, Burbank and Providence). If you are interested, please visit the program’s website www.burbankmagic.com for more information.

The Burbank Magic currently offers teams for Boys 3rd/4th Grade and 7th Grade & 8th Grade. Girls are offered at 3rd/4th Grade, 5th/6th Grade, 7th/8th Grade, high school – JV & high school – varsity.

If you are interested in attending a practice and/or joining the Burbank Magic, please visit www.burbankmagic.com for more information or see their twitter handle @JButtress. You can also email Club Director Jason Buttress at jbuttress@burbankmagic.com.