Burbank Math Students Compete at John Muir Middle School

Burbank Math Field Day 12 May 2012 - 2

Burbank Math Field Day 12 May 2012 - 2Burbank’s most gifted math students met on Saturday morning at John Muir Middle School to participate in the Burbank Unified School District’s first annual Math Field Day Tournament.  Math Field Day is an academic competition promoting excellence in mathematics, school spirit, and teamwork.

Burbank Chamber

Students from grades 4 through 8 competed in areas including conceptual understanding, problem solving, and computational/procedural math skills.  The best students will join teams, earning a chance to compete and represent Burbank Unified School District in the LA County Math Field Day on 2 June at Wilson Middle School in Glendale.

According to the LA County Office of Education, Math Field Day is designed as an enrichment activity to promote mathematical reasoning, teamwork and a balanced mathematics curriculum for all students in upper elementary and middle school. Students engage in challenging and motivating mathematics tasks through both a competition and a celebration of powerful, standards-based mathematics.

Burbank Math Field Day 12 May 2012 - 1Dr. Tom Kissinger, Director, Elementary Education and Categorical Programs, noted that students participating in Math Field Day all take a series of rigorous, challenging tests to qualify for their teams.  Many Burbank students who excel in math and have competed in Math Field Day go on to university and successful careers.

Math Field Day is conducted in school districts throughout the United States.  While each compeitition is slightly different, all share a common objective encouraging middle school students to participate in advanced mathematics during their secondary education.

Burbank teams will compete with students representing 23 school districts from throughout LA County.

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