Burbank National Charity League Chapter Kicks Off 2012 Membership Drive


NCL is looking for a few good moms — and daughters. The National Charity League’s Burbank
chapter has launched its 2012 membership drive and is hoping to recruit as many Burbank
mother-daughter teams as it can, according to Gina Garcia, co-chair of this year’s effort.

The local chapter is organized by grade level, and the membership drive is open to current sixth-
through ninth-graders. NCL’s goal is to foster a sense of community responsibility in the girls
as well as to strengthen the mother-daughter relationship. The daughters participate in a six-year
program of philanthropic work, educational activities and cultural events.

New members, who will be officially inducted into NCL at the group’s annual Membership Tea
this spring, will have the opportunity to do hands-on work with a number of local philanthropies,
including Burbank Community Kids Dental Clinic, Burbank Center for the Retarded, Burbank
Temporary Aid Center and many others.

NCL’s Burbank Chapter was founded in 1960 and currently boasts some 60 mother-daughter
teams. The chapter annually provides over 12,000 hours of community services to 27 different
charities in Burbank and Los Angeles.

Anyone interested in joining Burbank NCL, should visit www.nclburbank.org,
www.nationalcharityleague.org, or send an email to info@nclburbank.org .