Burbank Neighborhood Locked Down During Search for Felony Suspect

Sporty new Burbank Police emblem on doors of Chevrolet Caprice. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

A Burbank neighborhood was shut down after officers received information that a felony warrant suspect was in the area of 500 block of Stanford Road,

When officers attempted to contact the suspect, he fled from the officers and began running through residential yards. Officers began pursuing the felony suspect and giving him commands to stop running and get on the ground. The suspect refused and continued running through the residential area.

After officers lost sight of the suspect briefly and due to officer safety concerns, the officers immediately set up a perimeter to conduct a search.

House in the 400 block of Eton, Dartmouth and Cambridge were all affected during the search that took about an hour. Glendale Police assisted in the search with one of their K-9 units, a Glendale Sgt. The Burbank Airship assisted with the search.

The suspect was located in the backyard of a residence on the 400 block of Eton Street by the searching Burbank K-9 unit.  Several commands were given for the suspect to exit the cluttered and dark garage but the suspect refused, and was bitten by the dog to force the suspect to comply. The suspect, wanted for felony warrants including a weapons and explosives violation, was eventually take into custody and Paramedics were called to treat his injuries at the scene.

Suspect was identified as Nicholas Dergan, 22 years-old and a resident of Burbank.  He was booked for the outstanding eight warrants including two felony warrants and 148(A)(1) resisting arrest during by fleeing police. Total Bail is $ 208,000 and he is being held at LA County Jail.