Burbank Noon Rotary Donates $15,000 to PSJ Foundation

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

This time of year Rotary service clubs across the world are roasting their outgoing club presidents while saluting their achievements over the past year.  Burbank Noon Rotary observed this time-honored tradition last Saturday at a cozy corner of Market City Caffe, ribbing outgoing club president Albert Hernandez with the help of some regrettable photos.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

But the club’s “demotion party” was also the occasion to celebrate an outstanding year of fundraising while having fun.  A highlight of the event was making another $5,000 donation to the Providence St. Joseph Foundation in support of its “Minutes Matters” campaign to add a new Emergency Department as well as an Urgent Care facility.

Check presented to Angela Khurdajian Development Officer of the St. Joesph Foundation from Karen Volpe, Albert Hernandez, Barry Gussow, Nat, and Alama Rubenfield. ( Photo by Ross A Benson)

Hernandez “had made health and wellness the focus of our giving this year,” explained Barry Gussow, who chairs the Burbank Noon Foundation and who made the club aware of PSJ’s goals.  “Our club committed to donating a total of $25,000 to PSJ over the next five years.”  With the club’s blessing, the better-than-expected fundraising allowed Hernandez to accelerate the schedule of giving, with last Saturday’s $5,000 donation bringing the total donated this past year to $15,000.

“We’re very excited by the results of our fundraising this year,” said PSJ Foundation Development Officer Angela Khurdajian, who received the additional $5,000.  According to Khurdajian, PSJ has so far raised about $58 million of the $78 million needed for the Emergency Department and Urgent Care facilities.  “It’s truly a testament to how strong this Burbank community is,”  she added.

Reflecting on Burbank Noon’s successful teamwork, Hernandez said, “I see you all like family.“