Burbank On Parade: Grupo Folklorico Mi Bella Guatemala Returns

By On April 13, 2012

Grupo Folklorico Mi Bella Guatemala is returning this year to Burbank On Parade with another float they hope will take home honors. Lilian Avila, coordinator, and her volunteers are creating a design in keeping with the aviation theme.

“But I want to keep it a surprise,” she said.

Avila participates in the parade because she is proud to call Burbank her home. “I love Burbank and I have been living here many years,” she said. “I like to share my culture with the city.”

Last year, the parade theme celebrated Burbank’s centennial year, so Avila and her group built a huge three-layer cake. They piled three tables of descending sizes on top of each other and she sewed covers

for each tier and applied white lace along the top edge to look like icing. It won second place.

Members of her group perform folkloric Mayan dances accompanied by wooden handmade instruments– the marimba and chirimilla. The group wears costumes designed by indigenous craftsmen who spend months dyeing and preparing the detailed cloth. Evaniria Dubon owns the costumes.

“We are proud to share our culture and show our costumes because they are very unique,” Avila said.

Members participating this year are Elder Morales, Arturo Perez Solares, Maria Blackburn, Alex Munoz, Fernando Alvarez, Brian Munoz, Edwin Antoni Reyes, Elvina Vasquez, Socorro Leiva, Raul Herrera, Juanita Canel, Teresa Gomez, Chelli Cortez, Mario Alberto Dubon, Roni Antonio Donis Dubon, Edwin Rafael Donis Dubon and Silvia Salcedo.

After the parade, the group’s participants gather at Izay Park for a picnic, Avila said. The foods are traditional favorites.

“There is a bakery that makes the same bread like we make in our country,” she said.