Burbank on Parade Wants You to Help


Dear Burbank Community,

The Burbank on Parade Committee is in need of your support. The City Council will be discussing next year’s budget and deciding what to cut from the Parks and Recreation budget during next week’s council meeting.

In a letter received by the Parade Committee, it was stated that the City Council is considering eliminating the $10,900 it allotted for the 2013 parade. If this decision is made, it will cast an additional burden on the Parade Committee. The chances are great that if the Parade Committee does not receive the $10,900, which it needs to supply Burbank Police security during the parade, the committee will not be able to raise funds to offset this cost and the parade will be cancelled.

The Parade Committee struggled to meet the cost of the city-imposed barricades which totaled approximately $17,000, an additional expense that was a hardship for a nonprofit organization to raise.

That is why we look to you for support. We need members of the community — residents who love to attend the parade and those who appear in the parade, from organizations like Boy Scouts, YMCA members, Girl Scouts and businesses — to come to the City Council meeting on Tuesday night and voice the need to keep the parade alive. If you can’t make it to the meeting, please email City Council members to continue supporting the parade by allotting funds through the city budget.

Saturday Watering

Carey Briggs
Burbank on Parade President


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