Burbank Parent Education Program Holds Annual Gala

By On April 18, 2018

The Burbank Parent Education Program held its annual Spring Gala on Saturday, April 14. Founder and honored guest Helen Von Seggern was in attendance along with approximately 250 Burbankers to support the long-running parent and child education program.

“We are a non-profit organization,” explained Board President and Gala Chair, Troy Titus-Barrow. “The parent education council raises funds various organizational expenses which have included: carpeting, classroom supplies, yard toys, playground structures, sand boxes, changing tables in bathrooms, childcare for events, scholarships and our Preschool Press!”

2017-18 BPEC Board: Troy Titus-Barrow – President & Spring Gala Co, Johanna Scholfield – Vice President Elect, Cherise Hallenbeck – Vice President Co, Claudia Salazar – Treasurer, Elizabeth Eaton – Parliamentarian, Jennifer Stanley – Membership Secretary, Sara McDermott – Recording Secretary, Karen Nesbitt – PTA Liaison, Caroline Béliveau – Spring Gala Co, Bouvier Rous Eulen – Donations Co, Amy Gleason – Donations Co, Christina Longacre – Baskets, Natalie Samarge – Publicity, Sera Hall – Hospitality Co, Tania Martenson – Hospitality Co, Beth Alcala – Fall Festival Co, Noe Lemus – Fall Festival Co, Bernadette Dorame – Entertainment , Monique Prue – Egg Hunt, Faaraz Deyhim – Community Service Liaison, Reina Lipe – Childcare Coordinator, Farnaz Parvini – Purchasing, Michelle Barrondo – Safety (Photo By Clark & Main Photography/Courtesy Burbank Parent Education Program)

Von Seggern founded the Burbank Parent Education Program in 1966 and was program director until 2000. At age 104, Von Seggern has attended almost every Spring Gala.

The 2018 Spring Gala, with a 1920s theme, raised $12,587.09 for the parent & child program. Burbank Parent Ed, located on Allan Avenue in Burbank, offers a variety of classes and resources for parents and their young children.

Karen Nesbitt, Helen Von Seggern and Bouvier Rous Eulen. (Photo By Clark & Main Photography/Courtesy Burbank Parent Education Program)

“Burbank Parent Ed program is considered one of the best of its type,” commented Titus-Barrow. “It has been integral to fostering a community of friends and support for so many parents and children.”

“We welcome anyone to attend this event as it is truly a community effort,” she said about the annual gala. “Local businessed donate gift cards and products; we in turn then create fabulous baskets with these donations, that are then raffled.”

Titus-Barrow and gala co-chair Caroline Bèliveau planned the 2018 gala and invited current students, friends, family and alumni to attend.

“The alumni are among the first to purchase tickets for our event, which deeply reflects the impact, love and gratitude, that people feel towards the program years after graduating from it!” she added.